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RMAF 2013 Coverage Part III

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Saskia /EMIA / TelWire

Saskia Turntable at RMAF 2013

Here is a room that really defied my audiophile sensibilities. Mr. Win Tinnon of Win Tinnon Audio teamed up with Mr. Dave Slagle of EMIA to put together a rather stunning display of what can be done when much care and purposeful design and execution are the order of the day. The room featured the Win Tinnon Audio $53,000 revolutionary (pun-intended) idler drive turntable with dedicated proprietary (33.33 / 45 / 78(!) RPM) speed controller. The turntable was mated with a gorgeous Schroeder Reference SQ tonearm ($6,500) and Miyajima Kansui ($4,200) phono cartridge (provided by Robin Wyatt).

EMIA Permalloy type 50 tube amplifiers at RMAF 2013

Electronics were all from EMIA and included the 2 watt(!) EMIA Permalloy type 50 tube amplifiers ($15,000), EMIA Remote attenuator in silver ($6,000), EMIA phono ($4200) and EMIA 1:20 SUT in silver ($6,000). Cables throughout wire supplied by Tel Wire.

RCA LC-1A LS-11 vintage speakers at RMAF 2013

Rounding out this unique system were RCA LC-1A LS-11 vintage speakers from the 1950’s. These are Win’s personal reference speaker, and were completely unknown to me prior to this. All I can say is that the entire system worked! The sound had astounding realism and emotion. Sure the extreme bass wasn’t there (after all we’re talking 2 watts!) but man did this system have groove to spare. Apparently there were plenty others in the industry who shared this opinion as rival turntable and electronics designers stopped in for a listen. I returned on four (possibly five?) occasions to a packed room until finally getting an opportunity in the sweet spot and had a chance to hear what others were hearing. It was an undeniable treat.

Triangle Art

Triangle Art Signature SE turntable ($12,500) at RMAF 2013

Mr. Tom Vu of Triangle Art was on hand and showing his latest designs in the audio arts. The Signature SE turntable ($12,500) was mated with the gorgeous brass and Makassae Ebony Triangle Art Osiris tonearm ($4,995) and what appeared to be a Koetsu Blue Lace cartridge. A Walker speed controller was also in use.

NAT amplifier, preamplifier, and phono stage at RMAF 2013

NAT amplifier, preamplifier, and phono stage round out the front-end of this lush and inviting system.
The secondary turntable to the left of the large Signature SE is the new Symphony. I had no opportunity to hear it during my visit.

ISIS pure silver cables and powercords, and RA power conditioner at RMAF 2013

Cables and power conditioning duties were also handled by Triangle Art through their ISIS pure silver cables and powercords, and RA power conditioner. Look for my future review of ISIS, RA, and Osiris!

Italian Eventus Phobos speakers at RMAF 2013

The sexy Italian Eventus Phobos speakers round out this very carefully set-up excellent sounding system. Images were nicely rendered and spacious. Bass was also surprisingly firm and clean even with the constraints presented by the hotel room

Dupuy Acoustique

Dupuy Acoustique showing Conga speakers at RMAF 2013

This was another one of those rooms that tempted you to stay as long as possible. The gentlemen of Dupuy Acoustique were on hand showing their Conga speakers with active woofers and their unique Daisy Reflector. I will not pretend to fully understand all of the science behind how the Daisy Reflector actually works, but it’s use appeared to indeed result in outstanding focus and imaging in the center of the stage; perhaps at the expense of width.  I look forward to trying this device out in my own room in the very near future. The remainder of the system was an early Sony SACD, Conrad Johnson ART preamp, and an older tube amplifier.

Angel City Audio / Melody Audio

Melody Audio MN845 150W Class A monoblocks, P2688 tube preamplifer, Ayon CD player at RMAF 2013

Angel City Audio - Melody amplifiers - Trinity Speakers at RMAF 2013

This photo courtesy of Hugh Nguyen of Angel City Audio

Hugh Nguyen of Angel City Audio was on hand with the latest offerings from Melody Audio. The system consisted of the massive MN845 150W Class A monoblocks, P2688 tube preamplifer, Onix CD player, and Angel City Audio Trinity speakers (not pictured). The system demonstrated a wonderful midrange and nicely rendered images. Despite the digital front-end, this was one of those rooms that also invited you to sit and listen for as long as you like. (The MN845’s and P2688 will arrive at chez Ray this coming week for full review).

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2 Responses to RMAF 2013 Coverage Part III

  1. Leroy says:

    The Win Tinnon turntable for $53k and the tone arm for only $6500…what a deal !
    This audio lunacy is so absurd…it is fascinating…: )

    • Ray Seda says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is indeed a lot of money.
      However, it is an unfortunate fact that in the upper end of this hobby, $53k is barely entry level.
      The same can be said for the $6500 tonearm.

      Consider that both of these items are 100% hand made and production can be as little as 2 or 3 per year.
      Costs sky rocket for small volume machining and small volume of raw parts and materials.
      This can and always will be a hobby that serves all levels of the global classes of wealth.

      Those outside the hobby, (as maybe you are?), may not understand the harsh economic realities faced when
      designing and constructing something completely by hand.

      I too have your exact same reaction when I found that a good friend of mine designs and constructs high-end pool cues that sell for 12,000+.
      Yes, a tapered stick with a rubber tip! Well, as it turns out there is a whole lot more to it than that.
      He makes a handful or fewer per year and has a backlog that literally stretches a lifetime.

      It is what it is, audio is just one hobby where this is the norm.

      So, yes, in that context and what these items bring to the table in ultimate musical enjoyment as well as exclusivity, the $53k turntable and the $6,500 tonearm are indeed an awesome deal.


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