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Marc Silver

My interest in electronics date back to my childhood when I reconfigured my father's reel to reel tape recorder into a radio. It did not please him. In 1968, I worked at Stereo Mart in Tarzana, California selling High End Audio. Timeline: 1972-1974, I managed California HiFi Warehouse. (CHFW changed name in 1976 to Circuit City). 1974, founded Northridge Audio Centre in Northridge, CA. Initial Investment $4,200. 1987, Northridge Audio's gross sales by the end of the year approximated $1,000,000.00 plus. April, 1988, created Inwall Systems -- Consulting and Engineering Company. September, 1993, re-opened as Soundscape in Santa Rosa, CA. 1995, established Soundscape Web-Page on World Wide Web. September 1, 2001, Soundscape moved into its new 13,600 square foot building, making us the largest independent Audio/Video/HiFi dealer in the Western part of the USA. 1974, Marc is certified as an Audio/Video Consultant by SAC (The Society of Audio/Video Consultants). Member of PARA (Professional Audio Retailers of America) and member of CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). 1995, licensed as a C-7 Sound Contractor by the State of California, Lic. #606648. I appeared on Radio and Television. I wrote numerous articles on Home Electronics for various newspapers & magazines including: LA Daily News, Orange County Register, Orange County Pilot, Custom Home Electronics Magazine and California Builder Magazine. My personal system has changed many times over my carrier, but the one stable item for the last 28 years has been Acoustat Electrostatic speakers. I currently own a pair of 2+2 and 1 + 1 models.

						Analog Front End

						Digital Front End





						Home Theater


						Room Treatment

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