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Practically-Priced Tools for the LP Lover

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The LAST Factory Stylast Stylus Treatment

This is a blast from the past that I simply cannot live without. I have been using Stylast for more than 30 years and as a result no matter how long I held on to a phono cartridge whether it be years or decades, they left my possession without the stylus having any appreciable wear. A little swipe of Stylast after cleaning it and just before dropping it onto the vinyl assures that the stylus navigates the grooves with greater ease, less friction and heat, and the results are clearly audible. The fact that your stylus wear slows to a crawl is just a side benefit!  You can call it the “L.A.S.T.” equivalent for the stylus. (If you are not familiar with “L.A.S.T.”, hop over to the last factory website and read all about it. I’m an avid user.)  At $36 for a quarter-ounce bottle, it’s not cheap but it lasts several years and can potentially save you thousands on retips!

In my next article I will discuss my favorite record care products.

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3 Responses to Practically-Priced Tools for the LP Lover

  1. Carter Asbill says:

    Hi George, I am sorry that I have not been able to respond to your reply to my earlier email but I have been so busy that I simply could not get to it.
    I really would like to get one of your Gem-Dandy turntable mats but I have a question. My table is a restored Technics SL 1200 MK 5 with an aluminum platter. How well will the Gem Dandy Mat absorb any harshness or other bad things that the platter may produce?
    I appreciate your comments.
    Thanks very much

    • George Merrill says:

      Hi Carter, It will make a difference by isolating noise input from the platter into the record and also help damp resonance as the stylus traces the groove. Thank You George

  2. james s adkins says:

    Hi I just bought the GEM dandy turntable mat for my Linn LP12. There is a thickness difference,do I need to do anything?

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