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AV Show HK 2022, Part 5

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The best sound of the show for me came not from stereo systems but from Steinway & Sons Pianos and their SPIRIO/r set-up.  The player Piano has now become “elite”. The version I heard was the 38th model of Lang Lang’s 88 models of Steinway & Sons (8 is a lucky number in Asia and so models with an 8 will command the biggest prices).

You select the pianist from their library (approved by the artist) and the piano plays along with the video.  Talk about the artist being in the room with you! This is as close as it gets.  If you are planning to spend very large on a stereo – I would suggest cutting the budget for your stereo and buying one of these.  What would I do if I won the lottery – a Steinway & Sons SPIRO would be the first thing on my list – after a house that could fit one.  A clear best of sound at this show.

Bowers & Wilkins

Diptyque Magnetostatic speakers with Emm Labs – unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to audition this set-up as the room was shared and the other system was playing.


Focal fans would be in heaven with all the models they brought.


MBL – I enjoyed this room as it seemed appropriately sized for the omni-directional experience – the sound was more relaxed and even sounding.




Rockport and VTL

Reel to Reel is alive and kicking in Hong Kong.


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