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AV Show HK 2022, Part 6 – final and Best Of Show

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Lorenzo speakers with Goldmund sounded quite nice – Big but cohesive.

Lorenzo speakers with Goldmund electronics.

Gobel and Riviera – Another one of the better sounding rooms at the show.

Gobel and Riviera

I always seem to enjoy Tannoy speakers. And the big Westminster’s didn’t disappoint.

Tannoy and Esoteric

They brought their apartment sized models as well.

Audio Physic and Gold Note sources and Analog Domain amplifiers

This was one of my favorite rooms – especially geared for those who like a system that can hit hard and play bigger than you might expect from smaller speakers.  The young guys running the room let me play some trance music at silly levels and it played it well consider the recording wasn’t all that great.  Surprisingly this was a top 5 room for me along with Western Electric’s room which is somewhat the polar opposite.  But then that’s what makes this audio world so much fun is that they all bring different things to the table.

Audio Physic speakers, Gold Note sources and Analog Domain amplifiers.

Saving some of my favorite rooms for the end – and all three might be surprises for those who think they know my tastes and preferences.

I could not get a good photo of the speaker – the pretty speakers in the front are from Verity Audio. No, not those, the small standmount speaker raised up above and pointing at the camera – they are on a pole that goes into a subwoofer.  Umm ugly.  But this system could hit very hard with exceptional clarity, speed and drums were an absolute delight.  You will need to go to their website to see them properly.

Meyer Sound Laboratories speakers with Accuphase.

This is another pro audio loudspeaker maker albeit from Switzerland. This PSI (model: A215-M) offered Impressive clarity and sounded much larger than you would expect.

PSI speakers (white) with Linn Turntable and S.I.T. amplifiers from Diatonic Precision and Graham standmount speakers


Perhaps the best sound in terms of the singer is in the room came from AVID HiFi.  I was roundly impressed with this system so if I had to pick a best of show it would be this room.  Pavarotti was as good here as I have heard – I got a free ticket to see him live again.  I should have stayed longer in retrospect.



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