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Berkeley, CA

Dave Radlauer

A recording engineer since 1983 and audio professional since 1988, Dave Radlauer produced, mastered and recorded numerous CDs, radio projects and award-winning audio tours of museums and historic sites. An award-winning broadcaster and producer also, Dave produced location and audiophile recordings, mostly taping jazz for broadcast, presented vintage jazz on radio since 1982 and won six radio broadcast awards from 2001-2011. Most of all, Dave is a second-generation audio enthusiast. Dave is currently in production on a series of historic jazz titles, Frisco Jazz Archival Rarities in collaboration with Grammercy Records of Seattle, distributed in both CD and download formats on i-tunes, Amazon, Pandora and digital platforms worldwide. His JAZZ RHYTHM website ( offers 125 topic pages and 500 hours of free streaming unique audio programs of recovered and restored music, broadcasts, interviews and one-of-a-kind audio-visual artifacts.

						Analog Front End

						Digital Front End
Denon 100th Anniversary CD player Jeff Wells Signature DAC Music Hall custom upgrade
David Berning ZH230 and ZOTL Pre
Synergistic, Siltech, Crystal Cable
Legacy Focus SE

						Home Theater

Synergistic Research acoustic treatment Synergistic Tranquility Base, Symposium, Mapleshade isolation
						Room Treatment
Synergistic, Acoustic Revive, Akiko, Shakti, Bybee
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