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2015 California Audio Show, Part 5


Ray Seda

Finally, after two very frustrating years of poor planning and an airport stranding courtesy of Jet Blue Airlines, I actually made it back to the California Audio Show.   ASC First and foremost, I would like to begin my report by saying that many rooms sounded really fantastic. One really good reason for this high […]


Laurence Borden interviews Paul Kaplan of Waveform Fidelity Cables

Laurence A. Borden Interviews | The Columns

Laurence A. Borden

    Laurence Borden interviews Paul Kaplan of Waveform Fidelity Cables (formerly Kaplan Cables) Laurence Borden: Paul, welcome to Dagogo. Please begin by telling us about your background. Paul Kaplan: My formal education was in mathematics and physics. Over a career spanning 40 years, I have applied quantitative techniques in a variety of settings and […]

World Premiere Review

Esoteric K-01X Super Audio CD/CD Player Review

Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Greg Petan

Esoteric K-01X-The Silver Disc lives on! How we consume recorded music has been evolving steadily over the last 40 years. From analog records and tapes to the CD and now coming into its own, wireless streaming, from which I have found great success in the form of the Krell Connect streamer. While it is true […]


Combak by Harmonix Reimyo KAP-777 stereo solid-state power amplifier Review

Amplification | Solid State

Ray Seda

Earlier this year I was approached by the North American distributor of Harmonix, Wynn Wong of Wynn Audio, to review the Reimyo KAP-777 Stereo Power amplifier and CAT-777 Mk-II Vacuum Tube Control Amplifier. Reimyo is the name given the audiophile stereo electronics line created by the Japanese firm Combak of Harmonix fame. That fact alone […]


Albums from The Mastering Lab, Reference Recordings, Della Mae and Watkins Family Hour

Music | Vinyl

2015 California Audio Show, Part 3


Jack Roberts

The third floor had the most interesting stuff on it, maybe not the best, but the most interesting. Like last year, the most fun room was the Burwell and Son’s room. This year, they shared the big corner room on the third floor with Bottlehead and Tape Project. The source was The Tape Project’s Otari […]


2015 California Audio Show, Part 4

CAS | Event Reports

Marc Silver

Morning greeted me with a sunny warm morning in Sonoma County. As I got ready for my day at the Westin Hotel by SFO (that is San Francisco Airport for those who don’t know), I look forward to a day of complete immersion into audiophile bliss. But first an hour and a half of San […]


TEO Audio Liquid Cables Review

Cables | Interconnects | Speaker Cables

Doug Schroeder

Let’s face it; there are a lot of things in life that don’t seem fair. Certain advantages are to be gained by those with the means to obtain the finer things in life. Some rail against the few who have access to the finer things. The phrase “one percent,” has become ubiquitous with advantage, but […]


2015 California Audio Show, Part 2


Jack Roberts

The rooms of the first floor and one on the second floor fall into this category. They are much bigger than any room you would find in a normal house. Then, there were five other rooms on the second floor and two on the third that would be considered large rooms in an average American […]


2015 California Audio Show, Part 1


Jack Roberts

This was the sixth California Audio Show and during that time the world of Audio Shows has changed. To begin with, there are a lot more of them, and the California Audio Show have become more of a local manufacturers and dealers show. I know that attendees would like more rooms of equipment, and vendors […]


Nordost QRT system Review

Audio Accessories | Power Conditioners

Fred Crowder

Introduction Reviews sometimes assume a life of their own. This review or at least the idea for this review began when a friend (Sherri) brought a number of Nordost QKOIL models (QV2/QK1) to my home one afternoon so that I could hear them in my system. I had previously visited her home for a demonstration […]


AMG Teatro Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge Review

Analog Sources | Cartridges

Jack Roberts

For the past three years in my reference system, I’ve been using the AMG Viella V12 turntable and their wonderful AMG 12J2 tonearm. This table and arm combo along with the HRS platform sells for a little over $17,000 and is still the best bargain in truly high-end turntables. I have had turntables in my […]

Review Redux

Simaudio Moon Evolution 750D CD Player/DAC Review

DACs | Digital Sources | Disc Media Players

Doug Schroeder

Publisher’s note: This Review was published in January, 2012 originally. The Moon is a cold, sterile place. Well, at least the side facing away from the sun is cold; the side facing the sun bakes in approximately 107 degree Celsius sunlight. Have you heard about the new restaurant on the Moon? The food is out […]

World Premiere Review

Margules Audio SF220.15 20th Anniversary Stereo Tube Preamplifier


Jack Roberts

Design and Description After reviewing the Margules U280-SC 25th Anniversary Stereo Tube Amplifier in my reference system, I added their preamp to it. For some history and info on the company itself, please read the amp review. The SF220.15 preamplifier is designed so that its output is a very low impedance, designed to drive any […]

World Premiere Review

Psvane WE 1:1 Replica 300B Review

Audio Accessories

Kevin Fiske

If you are anything like me in your approach to parting with money and, like me, you run amplification that uses 300B tubes, then from time to time you’ll be grinding your teeth at the prices charged for these absurdly fragile bits of glassware, metal, ceramic and plastic. Hold an 845 or 211 in one […]

World Premiere Review

Margules Audio U280-SC 25th Anniversary Stereo Tube Amplifier

Amplification | Tube

Jack Roberts

  Who is Margules Audio? Julian Margules of Margules Audio has been delivering audio for over 40 years and is well known in Mexico and other parts of the world. Still, I had never heard of them until 2010 and never heard one of their products until one of the early California Audio Shows. Margules […]


Pass Labs Xs Preamp Review


Jack Roberts

The last transistor active preamp I owned was Nelson Pass’ Threshold SL 10. It was a pure class A design that used cascade gain stages that with matched FETs driving a PNP, whose collector was biased by a constant current source that drove a complementary pair of followers. It also had an outboard power supply. […]


Revox Joy S119 Network Receiver Review

Amplification | Digital | Digital Sources | Stream Music Services

Ray Seda

Introduction I have been an audio buff for over 40 years now and since those earliest of days when high quality audio reached my conscious being, the Swiss name Revox stood at the forefront. Of course, back then their mainstay was in the area of Reel-to- Reel tape machines. In fact, the A77, A700, B77, […]


Boppin’ from Prague to Paris

Beatnik's Journey

Jack Roberts

Becky and I just returned from a great trip where we traveled from San Francisco to Prague and then took a river cruise through Germany, and then ended with a few days in Paris. I was really impressed how much these countries loved jazz and folk music. It was also my privilege to hear live […]


The Crown Jewel of American Root Albums and Some You May Not Know

Music | Vinyl

Jack Roberts

Alison Krauss + Union Station Live Rounder Record – Mobile Fidelity Sounds Lab 180 gram, 3 LPs Tracklist A2           Choctaw Hayride A3           The Lucky One A4           Baby, Now That I’ve Found You A5           Bright Sunny South B1           Every Time You Say Goodbye B2           Tiny Broken Heart B3           Cluck Old Hen B4           Stay B5           Broadway C1           […]


Audience ClairAudient 1+1 loudspeakers Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts

When I was writing the articles about the Quad 57, John McDonald of Audience commented that if I liked the Quad 57 I should hear their ClairAudient 1+1. I had reviewed and been very impressed with their “The ONE” speaker, so I asked him if I could review the 1+1. That’s how this review came […]


Eastern Electric MiniMax tube DAC Supreme: Discrete opamps Survey

DACs | Digital Sources

Doug Schroeder

Also Read Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Junior and DAC Supreme Review   Introductory pleasantries Perhaps by now, due to the extensive amount of discrete opamp rolling I have done with the Eastern Electric MiniMax line of DACs I am something of an authority on the topic. I do not profess to be an electronics design […]


MQA and DSD at T.H.E. Newport

Digital Sources | Event Reports | T.H.E. Show

Toby Tingskog

The T.H.E. Show in Newport is the major audio event in Southern California. The venue had changed to the higher class Irvine Hotel. This was an improvement especially since the room AC’s were quieter than the previous hotels. Unfortunately, the live performances were drowned by bar noise and bad room acoustics (there’s some irony in […]


Fritz Carbon 7 SE loudspeaker Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Speakers

Paul Mah

Fritz Heiler, the chief cook and sole bottle-washer of Fritz Frequencies, has been designing and making loudspeakers since 1973 while he was still in college—when he should have been studying instead! It’s now 2015, and Fritz is still going strong stirring up new concoctions in his loudspeaker laboratory. Not one to rest on his laurels […]


Meet the Designers: Marten and EMM Labs

Commentaries | The Columns

Fred Crowder

In early March, I spent a week with my friend “Encinitas Jim” about whom I have previously written at length. While he has several high performance systems set up in various parts of his home, one is very similar to my own: Acapella Triolon Excalibur speakers, Einstein preamp, Ypsilon VPS 100 tube phono preamplifier, Jorma […]


High Fidelity Cables CT-1 power cable Review

Cables | Power Cables

Jack Roberts

Jack’s other High Fidelity Cables Reviews (in descending chronological order): CT-1 Ultimate Reference Rhodium Plus Power Cord (June 2014) CT-1UR Ultimate Reference Speaker and Interconnect Cables (February 2014) CT-1 Ultimate Cables (May 2013) CT-1 and CT-1E speaker cables (May 2013) CT-1E Phono and Interconnect Cables (February 2013) CT-1 interconnects (October 2012)   I have heard […]

Article Redux

Audio Note Quest Silver monoblock amplifiers Review, Part 2

Amplification | Mono Block | Tube

Chris Redmond

This Review was published in February, 2007 originally. Also see Audio Note Quest Silver monoblock amplifiers Review, Part 1   A few years ago while using a pair of ‘valve like’ solid state Mitchell Engineering Alecto monoblocks, I was keen to try out the real thing, and so made numerous requests for information and recommendations […]


Audio Note AN-K/SPe speakers Review

Bookshelf Speakers | Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts

When you think of Audio Note UK speakers it’s the AN-E they are best known for and certainly the most widely reviewed of all their many speakers. I have seen both the AN-E and AN-J speakers at many shows and in many dealers’ showrooms. I have even seen some of the less expensive AX and […]


The Beatnik Bops On Over To Novato

Beatnik's Journey | Floorstanding Speakers | Speakers

Jack Roberts

A couple of Fridays ago I got up and drove over to the little town of Novato, California. My day trip was for two reasons. The first was to return the Quad Electrostatics and the Quad tube amps to Ken Askew. I admit I hated to see the Quads go. The other and much more […]


Wells Audio Innamorata Signature stereo amplifier Review

Amplification | Solid State

Greg Petan

The last few years has seen a bounty of great audio components coming through for review. The Pass Labs XA200.5 mono amplifiers, Triangle Arts Signature turntable, and the D’Agostino Momentum Integrated to name a few, have made indelible and long lasting impressions. The countless hours spent pouring over these great examples of the alchemy of […]

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