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David Blumenstein

My professional career spans many fields: Publishing, Financial Services, Advertising/Media, Venture Finance & Strategic Development for both emerging and later stage companies. Intertwined, in all of these endeavors was and continues to be technology, and through all these twists and turns my passion and interest in HiFi, Audio and Music helped me maintain my sanity. I have to thank my uncle in the Merchant Marines for leaving behind my first stereo system: a Tandberg TR200 receiver, Nakamichi 500 top loading cassette deck and a pair of Wharfedale Denton 2XP speakers. From then on I was hooked and bought, sold, owned, and traded more gear than I would hazard to list. With all my travel over the years, I have had to make compromises and learn to adapt to all different physical situations with respect to my systems. Sometimes money was no object, other times I had to focus on value for money and now it would appear that the latter has become the focus of a lot more enthusiasts. Now, it is both possible and conceivable for “killer” systems to be relatively affordable, and this I find really intriguing. You would think that from country to country, that HiFi cultures are similar, and on surface level, but scratch a bit deeper and the differences become readily apparent: the distributors, the dealers, and the enthusiasts. I have spent many years now observing and analyzing the health and future of the HiFi industry. Trust me, it neither gets dull or boring.

						Analog Front End
VPI Prime Signature turntable Pro-Ject RPM-1 turntable Rega RP1 turntable Rega Carbon cartridge Soundsmith Carmen cartridge Sumiko Pearl cartridge
						Digital Front End
California Audio Labs Caprice Audio’s MOSAIC - Low Noise Passive Filter exaSound e22 Icon Mk II Mac Mini MYTEK Brooklyn, Brooklyn + Audirvana Plus Roon
Cambridge Audio CP 2 phono NAD PP3 Digital Phono Stage Parasound Z Phono USB Bel Canto Design s300 i/u integrate amp/USB DAC McIntosh MAC1700 receiver Parasound Halo 2.1 integrated amplifier
Audioquest Cardas Furutech Kimber Straightwire Transparent Audio
Audio Physic Tempo Platinum Audio Studio Mission 727
Audioquest Nighthawk Meze 99 Classic Meze 99 Neo iFi Nano iDSD Black Label Headphone Amplifier iBasso DX80 DAP Hidizs AP-100 DAP
						Home Theater

Caprice Audio MOSAIC Low Noise Passive Filter
						Room Treatment

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